Brave Husky

Brave Husky


SKU: 00065
Marka: Wood Trick
* Rzeczywista liczba części może się różnić w zależności od aktualizacji i ulepszenia modeli.

Wood Trick presents a new puzzle line called Grand dogs, which includes a cheerful and playful puppy of the Husky breed. This model consists of 332 different pieces made from natural materials. To assemble a complete picture, you need to collect all the unique elements made in 57 different shapes.

The Brave Husky wooden puzzle is decorated with Swarovski crystals: 2 large and 5 small.

The Brave Husky puzzle would be a worthy gift for any holiday – birthday, housewarming party etc. Besides, it would be highly appreciated by all puzzle likers who prefer spending evenings doing this exciting activity – both adults and children.

Assembling this puzzle together with the kids, you can invent a fascinating story with the brave puppies as the main characters, as well as learn the breeds of these animals. An interesting color scheme of this item will allow children to learn new color shades and broaden their outlook and thinking.

The Brave Husky puzzle by Wood Trick is sure to become the favorite one in your puzzle collection!


Kraj Ukraina
Marka Wood Trick
Materiał Sklejka FK szlifowana
Ruch Mechaniczny
Montaż Bez kleju
Montaż Samodzielny
Ilość detali 332
Rozmiar modelu 481*343*4 mm
Rozmiar opakowania 256*187*53 mm
Masa modelu w opakowaniu 0,837 kg




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