Bright Parrot

Bright Parrot


SKU: 00051
Marka: Wood Trick
* Rzeczywista liczba części może się różnić w zależności od aktualizacji i ulepszenia modeli.
The Bright Parrot wooden puzzle designed by Wood Trick is an excellent gift for adults and children of all ages. This model will provoke a special interest of those who like puzzles. The set includes 153 small pieces, which represent 25 varieties of exotic birds. So, while doing the puzzle, you can not only have fun, but also get to know the bright representatives of tropical fauna.
We pay much attention to product quality that is why we use eco-friendly materials and high-quality safe paint to produce the Bright Parrot puzzle. This set is suitable even for children who would be attracted by the bright colors of the puzzle elements.
The process of creating a bright parrot will contribute to development of children and their attention, spatial thinking and tactile sensations.
Unlike cardboard versions, these puzzles cannot be bent or broken. The product can be assembled and disassembled an unlimited number of times, without compromising the quality of its parts.
“Bright Parrot” is an original gift for any occasion!


Kraj Ukraina
Marka Wood Trick
Materiał Sklejka FK szlifowana
Ruch Mechaniczny
Montaż Bez kleju
Montaż Samodzielny
Ilość detali 153
Rozmiar modelu 354*198*4 mm
Rozmiar opakowania 250*184*53 mm
Masa modelu w opakowaniu 0,670 kg




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