Sparkle Unicorn

Sparkle Unicorn


SKU: 00055
Marka: Wood Trick
* Rzeczywista liczba części może się różnić w zależności od aktualizacji i ulepszenia modeli.
The “Sparkle Unicorn” designed by Wood Trick is a puzzle with unique elements and an extraordinary story. It consists of 176 pieces, among which you can find 24 figures of various fairytale animals. So, while doing it with your children, you can not only recall famous fairytales, but also invent your own interesting stories, thus developing the imagination.
The “Sparkle Unicorn” puzzle is suitable for a wide audience. Thanks to the fact that it is made of natural and safe materials, small children can play with it under the supervision of adults. And an interesting color scheme will definitely attract their attention. The puzzle will also interest parents and everyone who likes to spend time collecting various figures that consist of small parts.
The “Sparkle Unicorn” will become a worthy gift that children can assemble with their family or friends. It is a great occasion to spend time together and an opportunity to create something new and give knowledge, sharing each other’s hobbies.
By choosing the “Sparkle Unicorn” you get a unique puzzle that can diversify your family leisure.


Kraj Ukraina
Marka Wood Trick
Materiał Sklejka FK szlifowana
Ruch Mechaniczny
Montaż Bez kleju
Montaż Samodzielny
Ilość detali 176
Rozmiar modelu 350*313*4 mm
Rozmiar opakowania 256*187*53 mm
Masa modelu w opakowaniu 0,744 kg




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