Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear


SKU: 00053
Marka: Wood Trick
* Rzeczywista liczba części może się różnić w zależności od aktualizacji i ulepszenia modeli.
Wood Trick makes puzzles with a special story. Each new model is a unique combination of elements. Put all of them together to get a vivid composition.
Spirit Bear consists of 184 pieces. Thirty of them have the shape of Australia-endemic animals. Therefore,  matching them can help you learn a lot of new and interesting things about the inhabitants of this mysterious continent.
Wood Trick puzzles – whom they are made for?
Spirit Bear puzzles will excite both children and adults of all ages. Its idea was to bring together the whole family or a friendly company. The whole family can enjoy assembling our puzzles: children can play with the figures and draw on their back side, while adults can decorate a room or help children to do it.
The manufacturer gave priority to the quality of its products. We (Wood Trick) studied all the competitors’ mistakes and all the wishes of our customers. Our puzzles are made of high-quality wood and have an interesting color palette. Bright shades attract attention and make you forget about everything. Once you open them, you want to put them together as quickly as possible into a single composition.
Wood Trick is a perfect birthday or New Year gift, both for a child and an adult, or a way to please someone for no reason.


Kraj Ukraina
Marka Wood Trick
Materiał Sklejka FK szlifowana
Ruch Mechaniczny
Montaż Bez kleju
Montaż Samodzielny
Ilość detali 184
Rozmiar modelu 355*230*4 mm
Rozmiar opakowania 256*187*53 mm
Masa modelu w opakowaniu 0,752 kg




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