Steam Tank

Steam Tank


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Marka: Wood Trick
* Rzeczywista liczba części może się różnić w zależności od aktualizacji i ulepszenia modeli.

Have troubles with finding an original gift for a man who loves puzzles and spends his evenings playing computer games? Just take a look at the Steam Tank wood building set by Wood Trick.

Taking inspiration from the Mk.1 combat vehicle, the Wood Trick team has developed a souvenir collectible model. This souvenir-like collection model can not only be assembled but also played with, imitating tank battles as great as in the famous World of Tanks.

This item is equipped with a spring motor. The model is powered by a winding mechanism located inside the tank cabin. The unconventional style of this item is based on steam engine technology. Chain tracks made of interlocking links are used here for overcoming obstacles. Having assembled several tanks, you can arrange a real tank battle with your friends or son.

This building set is made of high-quality and safe material, so you can assemble it and play it together with children. During the assembly process, they will develop fine motor skills and learn a lot about the structure of the fighting machine.

An interesting pastime with this wood building set will suit both children and adults. In addition, it’s an unusual gift, which is sure to surprise its owner!


Kraj Ukraina
Marka Wood Trick
Materiał Sklejka FK szlifowana
Ruch Mechaniczny
Montaż Bez kleju
Montaż Samodzielny
Ilość detali 381
Rozmiar modelu 190*85*95 mm
Rozmiar opakowania 180*360*53 mm
Masa modelu w opakowaniu 0,743 kg
Instrukcja montażu Pobierz




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