Jewel Butterfly

Jewel Butterfly


SKU: 00052
Brand: Wood Trick
*The actual number of parts may vary due to the upgrade and improvement of the models.

Jewel Butterfly wooden puzzles are a real catch to those who like to spend time with their family and create true masterpieces. The assembled puzzle is a vivid composition in the shape of a butterfly. You need to match 170 pieces to finish it, 35 of which have the shape of a butterfly or a dragonfly. Surprisingly, none of them is same in shape.
Jewel Butterfly advantages:
1.        All elements are made of environmentally friendly wood and are safe even for small children.
2.        Unlike cardboard models, they do not bend or break, and do not lose their original view after numerous assemblies. Therefore, Wood Trick puzzles will stay in use for a very long time.
Jewel Butterfly is a worthy and head-turning gift that will gather the whole family around every evening. It will catch both children’s and adults’ fancy. A great surprise for any occasion.
Putting Jewel Butterfly together will turn into an exciting quest with sharing your knowledge, impressions and having fun creating a true masterpiece.
Decorate your interior, not just hanging a ready-made picture on the wall, but creating the feeling of a “butterfly garden”.


Country Ukraine
Brand Wood Trick
Material Eco friendly plywood
Movement Mechanical
Assembly Without glue
Assembly Self
Quantity of parts 170
Model size, l*w*h* 275*355*4 mm
Packing size, l*w*h* 256*187*53 mm
Weight of the model in package 0,723 kg
Recommended Age 14+



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