Woodik Snowflake

Woodik “Snowflake”


SKU: 000W14а
Brand: Wood Trick
*The actual number of parts may vary due to the upgrade and improvement of the models.

A snowflake is like a little miracle invented by nature. All snowflakes are different — some of them are simple, with an uncomplicated pattern, others are openwork, similar to lace. Maybe miracles do not happen at all, but a piece of something magical clearly exists in this world. We admire these fluffy, light, and fluttering snowflakes.

Our company wants to give you a fairy tale and therefore introduces the wonderful wooden three-dimensional model Snowflake. The number of parts will pleasantly surprise you, because there are 34 of them. Snowflake is an exciting 3D construction kit, the peculiarity of which is a planetary gear. Making turns of the lever, you can see how the position of three-dimensional faces changes.
The tactile-developing model by the Wood Trick Company is intended for the development of fine motor skills of hands, dexterity, attention, and imagination in children.
Learn to appreciate life and pleasant moments!
Give yourself a holiday with the construction kits from the Wood Trick Company.


Country Ukraine
Brand Wood Trick
Material Eco friendly plywood
Movement Mechanical
Assembly Without glue
Assembly Self
Quantity of parts 24
Model size, l*w*h* 90*90*30 mm
Packing size, l*w*h* 113*148*13 mm
Complexity of assembly Easy
Assembly time 1 hour
Assembly Instructions Download



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